About Jen

Jen Dailey-Provost lives in the Avenues with her husband Scott and three daughters. She received her bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business, and her MBA from Westminster College’s Gore School of Business. She began her career as the Director of Human Resources at Solitude Mountain Resort, but ultimately found professional fulfillment in the non-profit sector.

Currently, Jen works to serve HD24 (soon to be HD22) in the Utah House Representative, but is also pursuing her PhD in Public Health at the University of Utah. Her first priority, though is raising her three daughters with her husband.

She is the former executive director of the Utah Academy of Family Physicians in Salt Lake City where she managed the business of the 501(c)(6), as well as the UAFP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that is focused on medical education in underserved areas. Additionally, she served primary care and public health functions as the director of governmental affairs and policy, prioritizing policies like patient access to health care, social determinants of health, air quality, education, and reproductive rights. It was her work in healthcare and public health advocacy that motivated her run to serve in elected office.

Jen and her family love the quality of life that Utah offers and take advantage of the incredible access to the outdoors whenever possible. She is most passionate about skiing and running, but Jen also loves to hike, bike, snowshoe, and knit cozy things.

Here to fight for a

better future


I am...

  • Passionate about Equality for All
  • Pro-Choice
  • An Avid Environmentalist
  • Dedicated to fighting for universal access to health care
  • Determined to end the opioid crisis and give those struggling with addiction the tools they need for recovery
  • Dedicated to breaking down social disparities that lead to poor health outcomes and perpetuate the cycle of poverty
  • Confident that we can do more to support public school teachers and students
  • Optimistic that we will come together as a community and state to help those experiencing homelessness
  • Committed to ensuring unrestricted access to the voting booth