Thank you for visiting! If you would like to receive notifications for volunteering opportunities to support Democratic candidates in the 2020 Election, please click on the link below. We will be mobilizing resources by organizing activities for groups, such as canvassing and phone banking. Or if you have time to make phone calls from your home, we will have those opportunities as well. If you're able to volunteer, we will find a spot that suits your preferences and availability. Together we can flip seats in the Utah legislature!

LINK to receive notifications for volunteering opportunities

Please help support my vision for where I think we can go as a district and as a state. I know that there is so much good that is still left to do. As you well know, running for elected office has many challenges, not the least of which include fundraising. I would be so very grateful if you are able to make a contribution to my campaign.

Also, I continue to encourage and welcome discussions about my policy priorities and legislative experience. Please forward my website to your peers and friends. I would be so appreciative. Thank you for your support!

With gratitude,