endorsed by:

Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Brian E Shiozawa MD

The American Federation of Teachers

March For Our Lives - SLC

Utah Public Employees' Association

Labor Caucus

Stonewall Dems Caucus

Women's Caucus

Education Caucus

Hispanic Caucus

Asian-American and Pacific Islander Caucus

LDS Dems Caucus

I wish to work for you at the Utah Legislature

I wish to serve the citizens in our neighborhoods because during my years working as an advocate at the Utah legislature, I have found that my efforts to provide solid, science-based facts, sound reasoning, and effective relationship-building with policy makers can make a measureable difference in the lives of disenfranchised Utahns.

I am committed to running an honorable campaign that is defined by the integrity that I will bring to the office. The 2018 election in House District 24 will certainly turn out a highly competitive primary, but I really believe in my ability to do an amazing amount of good if I am elected to serve you. And I’m proud that many whom I admire and respect believe in my ability as well (visit my endorsements page).

I’ve spent nearly a decade at the Utah capitol advocating for good policy like access to health care, fighting the opioid crisis, and advising policy makers on issues that affect vulnerable citizens across our state. In addition, I’ve been involved in discussions on policies including air quality, domestic abuse, availability of head start, training our rural health care workforce, and so much more. I love the policy work that I do. Serving in the Utah legislature would allow me to be even more effective in my efforts to make improvements in key policy areas in our state.

HD24 is one of the most highly educated, engaged districts in the state of Utah. With the residents in our neighborhoods lies the very expertise needed to offer guidance and insight on policy issues. I will look within our district, to the constituents who live here, for advice and guidance on complex policy issues that are addressed at the legislature. I have broad  depth of experience, but I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know. Regarding policy issues on which I need many opinions and perspectives, I will look to the constituents of District 24 for guidance and advice.

We all know that there are disasters that will continue to trickle down from Washington DC that will harm many people in our state. We need a legislator who is experienced, who understands the implications and consequences of state and national policy changes. Now is the time to trust those who have been in the trenches, fighting for all citizens, forging relationships for years, finding common ground, and gaining a deep understanding of the complexity and nuance of being effective at the Utah Capitol. I assure you, I am that person who can effectively represent House District 24 on day 1.

I am asking you to trust me to leverage my years of legislative and policy experience, skill and passion to take my advocacy work to the next level on behalf of our downtown communities. I’ve worked at the legislature for years, forging relationships across the political spectrum, finding common ground in unlikely places in order to support and pass good legislation as well as to fight bad. It is my sincere hope that I can earn your support. I promise I will not let you down.

My Guiding Philosophy

I am guided by the tenets of the Golden Rule, focusing on compassion, kindness and peace, which is articulated by the following Taoist quote: “To those who are good to me, I am good; to those are are not good to me, I am also good. Thus all get to be good. To those who are sincere with me, I am sincere; to those who are not sincere with me, I am also sincere. Thus all get to be sincere.”